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Web Ranking & Promotion
Over 80 percent of Internet traffic comes solely from search engines

Effective web promotion through search engine puts your website in front of your most qualified customers. Results continue to show Internet search engines and directories to be the most popular and cost-effective way to increase online visibility with your potential customers

4C's of Internet Marketing

Content, Commerce, Customer Care, and Converting to leads.

Internet Marketing Tips and Tricks!

Search Engine Ranking

Internet marketing is the increase of web site exposure to qualified prospects through search engine optimization. Search engines are the #1 method of discovering web sites. Internet Marketing Logic believes that the foundation of any successful internet marketing campaign is search engine optimization. In addition to web site marketing we offer additional internet marketing services to help you reach your web site's full traffic potential

Email Marketing

Most of us tend to rigidly ignore emails that are blatantly marketing, or get annoyed by "spam" mail. The cheapest way to collect names of willing prospects is to create a guest book feature on your site. A guest book typically allows visitors to leave their name, e-mail address, phone number or information about their personal interests. People who have willingly signed up are bound to be recurring visitors to your site.

Advertisement & Campaigning

An effective online ad. design can make the difference between an unsuccessful and successful online advertising campaign. Pop-up windows can be annoying to the average user, but it is astonishing how many hits these flashy ads actually generate.

Potential Link Partners

Find potential link partners by either using the search engines to search for related sites or by using an automation program such as Supersonic (big time saver but you must be careful and follow instructions given in article closely)

Affiliate Program

If you are selling a product or offering a service on your website, you must to have an affiliate program. Done right, an affiliate program can provide you with a sales force thousands strong whom you only pay after they make the sale (using only part of the profits from the sale) and provide you with thousands of incoming links.

Banner Ads

You would also need to create a catchy banner or button to place on the affiliate website. In the long run however, when affiliate leads actually translate into customers or in the increase in popularity of your website, it becomes well worth the effort.

Paid Listing

Most users never make it beyond the third page of search results. If your goal is to be seen right away in as many places as possible, you'll need to set aside some money to get a quicker listing on the main search engines. Generally speaking, paid placement means a company pays a fee to a search engine to guarantee that links to its Web site will appear in the first few listings of relevant search results.

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