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Market business through promotional Newsletter

Market your own business or help other businesses market their products or services with a promotional newsletter. This type of newsletter is frequently used by businesses to promote a product or service. It is also known as a marketing newsletter. A promotional newsletter is typically sent to current or prospective customers free of charge. Not strictly a sales pitch, the promotional newsletter does strive to turn prospects into customers and customers into repeat customers.

Do you write a newsletter for your site that keeps people coming back for more? If not, you're missing out on the perfect opportunity to market your site or your product. When people sign up for a newsletter, they're holding the door open for you.

Before you start, think through these things

What is your goal in sending the newsletter? Do you want to market your site, or your product?

Who will be reading the newsletter? Do you have a list of people who have subscribed from your site? Are they young, old, well to do, rural? Your attitude should depend on this.

What can you say in the newsletter to achieve your goal? How do you connect your readers to your product? (Whether the 'product' is your site or your sale.)

Writing a good newsletter - one that catches the readers attention and appeals to him in some way - isn't a mysterious, difficult thing, but there are a few things to remember as you write.

As designers, we're always looking for inexpensive ways to market our services. Newsletters are a good way - but email newsletters are even better, because they cost nothing except your time.

Can you get more work by sending out an email newsletter? Yes, if you provide content your customers are looking for. Remember, the name of the game in marketing is to keep your company name in front of your customer.

Useful Content

If you're a designer, you've probably been asked more times than you care to remember how to get the logo you designed into a certain program, or why it doesn't look good when they blow it up 400%. "How to" type articles are very popular. Ideas for "how-to's" content:


  • How to place graphics into popular word processing programs
  • How to update a printer driver
  • How to use different types of graphics
  • How to consistently use graphics
  • How to speak with the printer
  • How to promote your Web site

News items are popular, too, but these are more tricky - your customer probably doesn't care that Quark has released a new version, for instance. But they might care about:

  • The latest browser update
  • New statistics on browsers, surfers, etc.
  • New domain name extensions
  • New, cheaper printing methods
  • A new paper line

News about your company is a natural for your own newsletter:

  • New awards
  • New contracts
  • New equipment

Just remember, your customer doesn't care that you just bought the newest version of XYZ software. All they care about is that you'll be more productive, and that can save them money. Never forget WIFM (what's in it for me).

Next Feature

We'll wrap up email newsletters with a look at the pros and cons of both HTML and plain text newsletters. I'll show you a couple of methods for sending HTML newsletters, and share my tips for producing a plain text newsletter - something I've been doing for almost four years.


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