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CD Presentation
CD ROM as Marketting Material

Electronic publishing opens up an exciting format for presenting corporate information, marketing material and research reports. A CD-ROM is the ideal media to publish and distribute large volumes of information that any other medium would struggle to deliver.

A CD-ROM is undoubtedly the most efficient and convenient method of holding up to 15,000 photographic images, 250,000 pages of text, over 70 minutes of full motion video or 650 megabytes of computer programming.

DreamWorld Commitments to Designing
  Imagine the impact you will receive when they see your elegant eye-catching, animated (even interactive) presentations/catalogs, complete with video, photos, text and even a voice-over or soothing music as compared to the boring, similar looking printed ones of your competition.
  A LIVE Multimedia-produced CD-ROM comes with the peace of mind in knowing that your audience is concentrating on your message, rather than the technical details of how it's being presented.
  LIVE Multimedia understands that not everyone in your audience will have a degree in computer science. We pride ourselves in producing CD-ROMs that anyone can install and use with a minimum of effort.

You could even include a tour of your production facilities and gain more credibility in the eyes of your prospects who have never had a chance to visit your locations.

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