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Website Maintenance
Get traffic to your site by updating your site with fresh content

Websites that are regularly updated with fresh content get more traffic - and more traffic means more business!

Having out-dated information or broken links on a Web site, not only hurts your image but also discourages repeat visitors. It is essential to keep you site as up-to-date as possible.

Are you dissatisfied with your current online presence? We will help you determine the strengths and weaknesses of your current website.

We evaluate your site for criteria mentioned below:

  Impression on first entry
  The Homepage is exciting, interesting, attention-grabbing
  The Homepage contains the key facts
  Shopping Experience
  Back Office Support
  Links are clear and meaningful
  The whole site has a structure
  All the pages obey the same rules
  Long web-pages have their own structure
  Useful External Links are provided
  The Website achieves its purpose
  Search engine ranking

Site Maintenance Tips and Tricks

   For a web site to be truly successful, it must be kept current and fresh looking. That means     updating with state of the art visuals and current text content.


This type of change could be something like a weekly special, monthly newsletter or daily tip.     A maintenance schedule is developed to ensure that information in prepared and published in     a timely manner

Websites that are regularly updated with fresh content get more traffic - and more traffic     means more business.


Web site maintenance runs the gamut from updating your site's content to graphic face lifts     to search engine placement. For many sites the amount of maintenance in a year can exceed     the cost of it's creation.

    Doing business on the Internet is no different than doing business in the "real life"... Image is     EVERYTHING! Don't allow your Website to make an unfavorable first impression!

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