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Guidance and Concept

Each client has a dedicated advisor and single point of contact throughout their project, this service from initial conception to completion is complimentarily and your project manager will be available to answer your questions at your convenience.

DreamWorld is a professional web design company and has a large suite of software languages, technologies, hosting and developed solutions all created in house that ensures a competent solution to any website or application design project. We are so confident that our solutions are effective and competitive that your website design and application project up until the creation of the final specification is completely free of charge without obligation.
Your website design team will conceptualise your website design project, create a solution using our wide variety of options, accurately predict the charges for the website design project and supply an initial brief, this brief may then be scrutinised and compared to our competitors.
DreamWorld can offer this unique service and competitiveness due to the access of our own pre developed solutions, this enables our website designers and developers to severely reduce development times and charges, after all why should we redesign the wheel when we already have those wheels turning effectively for other clients with proven results. Click here to view our portfolio
Your project manager will be your point of contact from the start to the end of your project, they will also be the individual who will guide the rest of the designated project team, this team will contain your project manager, and your designers and developers, whom your manager will ensure have a understanding of your, and your customers website and application needs.
We encourage our teams to communicate with your company on all levels, supporting a professional and friendly approach ensuring you may confidently communicate with any member of your team on any issue, we simply trade with the retail philosophy of the customer is always right even when they are not, this of course does not mean we will not advise strongly on a issue that we are confident will not succeed as well as a solution we are confident will, but means our customers are guaranteed satisfaction of service.
DreamWorld has not lost a client due to dissatisfaction since the beginning of trading, a fact we are extremely proud of and will continue to uphold.

Each manager has training and experience in the immediate needs and long term requirements of small and large businesses. Their experience of many varied and individual projects means they have the ability to empathise with the requirements and objectives of the business managers they will be advising and from whom receiving their instructions.

Intensive training and understanding of the available technologies of the internet, intranet and extranet business environments, supplied not only from the software angle but also receiving training from our hardware partners (Link to partners) on the latest hardware and hosting platforms means the project manager has a complete understanding of both the business benefits of current software and hardware technologies and can confidently advise on the best solution.

This understanding and empathy of business needs means simply that your manager will understand your issues and be able to supply the solution but also to communicate the features and benefits of that solution.

Particular attention will also be given by your manager to any legislation issues that may be incurred by your particular business sector, this will ensure government guidelines and accessibility issues (BOBBY, RNIB, W3C etc) are understood and conformed to in the website development. (Link to websites) Public companies will be supported in their research and conformation to any E-envoy issues for local authorities, public organisations or any other governmental agencies.

Due to the nature of our services, we have in place preview, information and testing areas for our clients to enable the smooth running of a website design and application project, this supported with frequent telephone calls enables us to limit the amount of meetings needed to complete any long distance projects, we have achieved very successful projects with only one face to face meeting with the client.

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