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The development of DreamWorld applications involves the creation of a software solution that normally automates the processes of a business and is orientated towards their unique supply, support, service, management and processes.

This may be online and a unique feature to a website, a web application.

Extranet based to allow staff to work from home or access data whilst on the road or for customers to access specific information, a extranet application.
Intranet based to create paperless offices and streamline procedures and reduce management time, a intranet application.
These solutions may also involve a combination of all three types of application, whereas different levels of information are available to different users in different areas.
DreamWorld applications enable you to offer your customers an exact required service in a appropriate manner to your business trading standards, allow much higher standards of communication between your staff and reduce costs in automating time consuming manual processes.
Our experience in tailor making an application around your daily processes that can be run through a internet browser or can be a Microsoft Windows application enables us to confidently offer our services in many business sectors.

Below are several previously developed application examples to give an idea of exactly how a DreamWorld application can help your marketing, customer and staff comunication, and streamline your business procedures.

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